Carol was the first person in the country to receive the new plug-in car grant, the text below was taken from an article in the citizen.

Learner drivers are getting all charged up for an electric experience thanks to a pioneering new scheme.

Instructor Carol Pepperell, who lives in Robinswood, is the first person in the county to be part of the Government’s new Plug-in Car Grant.

Carol, 51, has had her home fitted with an electric car charger for no cost in a bid to reduce transport emissions.

As part of plans to keep fuel costs down, the grant has been designed to challenge petrol and diesel equivalents and encourage the use of electric cars.

Carol, who teaches pupils in the battery-powered Nissan Leaf, is keen on preserving the environment and said: “With my Nissan, there are no emissions and we should all be looking towards using products like this as it helps save our planet.

“Electric cars are the way forward and with the Government incentive given to me, the financial benefits are plain to see.

“It costs me 2p per mile to run my Nissan and having solar panels in the house means I charge the car using daylight hours.

“Not having to visit petrol stations is a huge plus and all in all, the cost of running the car is considerably less.”

Wessex Garages in Mercia Road, Gloucester, is encouraging the sales of electric cars and has seen a rise in the number of people looking at environmental transport options.

Brand manager there Wessex James Bicknell said: “People’s biggest concern is whether they can adapt to the car and if it would fit in with their lifestyle but after a 48 hour test drive, the feedback has been positive.”

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