Having previously gone with two diffrent instructers and being unsuccessful, i had began to think i would never pass. I hated the idea of driving and was extremely nervous. I decided to give it one last shot and went with carol. Not only is carol great company! but a great teacher as well , where as i felt like other teachers had given up on me carol didn’t.
I no longer feared lessons and now i have passed i will miss them! Thank sooo much carol

Carol is the most hardworking instructor I have ever had the luck come across. She is observant, kind, a natural when it comes to teaching and people skills, and tailors every single lesson to suit individual needs. She sincerely takes pride in the quality of her work and the confidence of her students, always trying her absolute best. With so many years of experience and hours on the road, her best really is, in my opinion, the best. Her friendly yet professional demeanour makes lessons a pleasure, filled with chat and banter that prepares one for driving in real life. I cannot thank her enough for giving me the gift of safe driving; I am proud of have been one of her students.

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