I’ve really enjoyed having Carol as my driving instructor because she’s such an open and friendly person. With her help I’ve overcome a lot of my ‘undue hesitation’ and passed my test. Really pleased to be finally getting on the road!

David passed June 2017 - From Ross


I passed first time and I couldnt have done it without Carol. I was offered flexibility in the hours and support from start to finish that I couldn’t find in any other driving instructor in Cheltenham or Gloucester. Carol is dedicated and works hard to make sure you feel confident and safe. Thank you Carol for being my driving instructor but also becoming a good friend!

Natalie passed June 2017 - From Cheltenham


I passed my driving test 3rd time with carol driving school she is a very fair driving instructor at fair prices couldn’t thank her enough for sticking with me and helping me pass and helping me get lessons that suited my availability.

Daniel passed March 2017 - From Abbeymead


After having no luck on a few occasions learning in a manual car, I made the switch to automatic with Carol. I had just been offered a job in the USA and would be moving in 6 weeks time! Despite the short time frame, Carol did a fantastic job of fitting a good number of lessons in and getting me test-ready. Every lesson, she was friendly, easy to get along with and generally just made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. 2 days before my flight left, I passed my driving test with just 1 minor! I can’t thank Carol enough for all her help in getting me there!

Daniel passed May 2017 - From Cheltenham


Passed first time with carol, thanks for all your help!

Megan passed May 2017 – From Gloucester


I cannot thank Carol enough for her guidance and support throughout my driving journey. It has been an up and down rollercoaster of emotions to get me where I am today but with Carol’s calming nature and constant smiles, I am so chuffed to say I’VE PASSEDDD! Thank you again Carol for all you have done. Xxx

Becky passed March 2017 - From Gloucester


After having started of driving with another instructor i didnt get on with i started driving with Carol. She was by far the best instructor i could have asked for! Not only did she help me pass my driving test but allowed for me to feel confident with my driving. She explains everything so clearly and I never felt afraid to ask a questions. Shes a great instructor and i was always looking forward to driving with Carol!

Aneesha passed March 2017 - From Abbeymead


I would recommend Carols driving school because of the amount of patience she has. She offered constructive criticism which allowed me to learn in the right way. I was also allowed the comfort to ask any question without feeling pressured and the belief shown by Carol really boosted my confidence which helped when it came to my test.

Toby passed March 2017 - From Gloucester


Carol is great at getting her students to pass first time as she has done with me. She explains things in a way that is easy to understand and remember.

Vicky Passed March 2017 - From Gloucester


Carol is a fantastic driving instructor and anyone who has the chance to learn from her will come out of the experience much better.

She will motivate you to become a great driver with confidence, driving you to do better and cut out mistakes and drive safely.

I passed my test with no minors and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting to have lessons. She is a great character to be in the car with and chat to making driving a relaxing experience and fun.

Mike passed February 2017 - From Abbeymead


Very happy to have passed the driving test today; Thank you Carol!

Eugenia passed Jan 2017


Thank you so much for believing in me and helping me to pass my practical driving test. Carol, you are a great teacher. I came to you as a nervous wreck, but you guided me and made me feel at ease. I will recommend you to everyone who wants to learn in a comfortable environment and pass their test. You have been always patient with me and praising me when I do well. That gave me confidence to work on my weakness. You are the best!

Sibon - From Brockworth


Having previously had lessons with a different instructor that I did not get on with, I changed to Carol to begin lessons again after taking a couple of years out of driving. Carol is whole heartedly the best instructor that I could have asked for! Every lesson that we had together was so enjoyable, but also extremely informative and Carol covered all aspects of driving, along with being able to help me with things that I was not too great at also! I am extremely thankful for all of the advice and wisdom that Carol has given me, and the confidence that I have gained from sitting next to such a wonderful instructor. I could not believe that I passed first time, I couldn’t have done it without you! I would 100% recommend Carol to anyone :)

Emily passed January - From Cheltenham


Learning to drive with carol was an overall great experience. Carol was patient and made it clear what needed to be done. I passed first time.

Joshua passed Jan 2017 - From Gloucester


I was introduced to Carol by my husband who also was one of Carol’s previous students. He told me that I would like her and that she would make me feel at ease and that I would enjoy my lessons with her. Little did I know how I would really just click with Carol and have such a pleasant learning experience and have a little banter here and there. From my first lesson I immediately knew that Carol was exactly who and what I needed. I could book all my lessons one month in advance and she was very accommodating. She always made sure she was available regardless of how many hours I booked with her. I passed first time with Carol and now my life has been transformed in so many ways. I will never forget what Carol has taught me and will forever be grateful for the love and patience she showed me when I was learning. If you are looking for someone that will make you feel at ease, who will never shout at you and who is patient while you are learning I highly recommend Carol’s Driving School

Donna passed December - From Quedgeley


I was extremely nervous about learning to drive before learning with Carol. I had actively put off learning for over 12 years.
Very quickly Carol put me at ease. She is a calm and confident teacher. I truly believe I wouldn’t have been successful if it wasn’t for Carols patience and words of encouragement. I am pleased to say I passed first time with Carol.

Ellie passed December - From Cheltenham


I have passed my practical test first time with one minor thanks to Carol to whom i cannot be more grateful for. She has been very patient with me being a slow learner, having almost zero confidence on the road first. I will miss my lessons with Carol, as she has been a truly brilliant driving instructor and we always had a good laugh during the lessons

Mercedesz passed December - From Tredworth


Carol is calming and let’s you take your lesson in your own pace and ensures mistakes are corrected and with her good passing rate I wouldn’t hesitate to go to carol xx

Farhana passed November - From Kingsway


Carol was helpful & reliable at very short notice and accommodated me extremely well. She explains things very well and gives an easy, simple way to understand how to drive and also how to properly conduct yourself on the roads. Helped me grow in confidence and gives some handy tips on passing your test. 100% would recommend.

Spencer passed in November - From Cheltenham


I will always be grateful to Carol for teaching me how to drive, and I truly will miss her good humour and caring nature in our lessons. Four months ago I would not have believed I would be here with a pass certificate on my first attempt! I would recommend Carol to anyone – she can put even the most nervous driver at ease, she gives clear and practical advice, she will go out of her way to fit around your schedule, and she never skimps on safety. Thank you so much Carol, you’re a star!

Coco passed in November - From Cheltenham


Learning to drive with Carol was fun and very light. She always had clear and specific instructions, every lesson was pre-planned and I was confident I was in good hands. She also gave honest feedbacks and set achievable targets for me. I couldn’t have chosen a better facilitator and did I mention, I passed at first attempt, all thanks to Carol.” Thanks

Ajoke passed October - From Kingsway Gloucester


I would highly recommend Carol to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. She’s a lovely friendly person who makes you feel very comfortable during the lesson. She’s flexible when booking lessons, she covers every aspect of driving and won’t move on to new things until you are ready too and she’s very patient when you make mistakes.

I can’t thank Carol enough for taking the time to teach me all the things that have now made me very happy and comfortable when driving by myself. I couldn’t of done it without you!

Thank you again Carol, I’m very happy to say I’ve gained a friend from this :)

Rebecca passed October - From Cheltenham


Thanks to Carol I’ve passed my driving test.

Bibi passed October - From Abbeymead


I passed with Carol’s school of motoring.

Donna passed October - From Cheltenham


Thank you for all your help over the past year Carol! I still can’t believe I’ve passed😊 I started as a very nervous driver but you have helped to build my confidence! I am so pleased to have passed with you and I would highly recommend you as an instructor!xx

Gina passed October - From Abbeymead


Carol has been the best instructor I could’ve hoped for. As a nervous driver I struggled initially when learning but then I found Carol online and learning with her has been the best decision I could’ve made.

Carol is patient, kind and supportive – she helped me every step of the way and always had faith in me passing even when I doubted myself.

I would recommend Carol in a heartbeat to absolutely everyone but especially if you’re struggling with nerves or need someone who is flexible because she works so hard to fit lessons around your availability, she has been wonderful!

Thank you so much Carol, not just for teaching me but for all the lovely chats and advice. I’m so grateful to have passed but I will miss you!

Zaide passed October 2016 - From Tuffley


I cannot recommend Carol enough, she’s a fantastic Instructer and made me feel at ease as soon as I got in the car, I would recommend her to anyone wanting a calm and friendly Instructer who’s really flexible with lessons which is always a bonus when fitting it around work. Thanks again Carol! X

Amy passed August 2016 - From Abbeymead


Driving with Carol was one of the best decisions I made since I not only got a license at the end of it, but also a friend.
Her lessons were always full of friendly chatter and helpful advice and she dedicated so much time and patience into helping me achieve my goal. It took me some time, but I was only able to do it with Carol’s consistent support. I had no belief that I would pass my test, but Carol always had faith in me – and so I managed to pass first time!! Thank you so much Carol for your time, energy, patience, gossip and laughter!

Amy passed August 2016 - From Longlevens


I would recommend Carol’s School of Motoring to anyone thinking of learning to drive! After just under a year of learning I was able to pass my test first time with only two minors, which wouldn’t have been possible without Carol! Thank you so much for helping me build my confidence on the road! Xx

Deanna passed August 2016 From Glos


I passed my driving test the first time out. Carol showed me all the right stuff and made my experience fun and informative. I am so grateful and would recommend Carol’s Driving School to anyone. The key is to listen and know that Carol knows what she is talking about, thank you Carol.

Bruce Gibbons

Bruce passed July 2016 From Barnwood


Carol is a really helpful and lovely person. She taught me and my brother how to drive. She has two of my siblings left to go and I would definitely recommend her. She is really calm and patient and knows when you are ready to take your test. I was only driving with her for 6 month and passed. Due to me having anxiety in exams,she moves lessons to help you get ready for your test. Thank you for helping me so much Carol and for believing in me. Passed on 15th June 2016

Charlotte passed June 2016 From Abbeydale


I passed with Carol’s school of motoring

Riyad passed in June


Carol has got to be the best instructor ever, she made each lesson enjoyable and fun with lots of learning curves (pun intended). Being a nervous driver, she was able to iron out my problems and gave me the confidence I needed before my test (I passed first time)
She explains everything clearly and I never felt afraid to ask a question. We always have a good chat and laugh (which I’ll definitely miss)

Carol is amazing and I would definitely recommend her

Foyin passed June From Glos


Thanks carol for being an amazing instructor, it’s been a great learning experience for me, you’ve been great!!! I would definitely recommend carol’s school of motoring to everybody

Aaron passed in May From Tuffley

Natalie-coney-hill-passed- driving-test

I have to say a huge thank you to Carol for helping me pass my driving test. I was really nervous and she calmed me down. She has always encouraged me to keep a level head and to just keep going. Carol has become a very good friend of mine and I cannot express how much I appreciate everything she has done to get me where I am now. Keep up the good work and I hope other students Carol has feel the same as I do.

Natalie from Coney Hill Passed May


Hello guys.  Just want to inform all about my excitement today.  I had only 2 lesson with carol school Motoring.
And had test on 10th may 2016.  And I passed in first attempt.  Thank you very very much Carol.  

Maqas passed in May


Having had lessons with an instructor in South Gloucestershire, who said Josh was ready to take his test, we found that the earliest test date around Bristol was into the new year. However, Quedgeley had an availability Christmas Eve.Eager to drive ASAP the Quedgeley date was booked.

Not knowing the test routes practising was difficult so one Sunday I spotted Carols School of Motoring at the Test Centre and asked for her help. Carol organised a driving course tailored to Josh’s specific requirements and after 2 intensive 2 hour lessons and clear direction for our separate practice sessions Josh took his test on Christmas Eve and passed with only 2 minor faults.

We are extremely grateful to Carol who was prepared to not only take on a pupil at face value but adapt to his situation and provide tuition at the level and input needed.I do not believe that many instructors would have picked up the challenge in the way Carol did and Josh’s passing of his test is much to do with Carols clear instruction and valuable input.

Carol was also prepared to furnish me with information and answer questions relevant to the test outside of the lessons which made the practice sessions easier and relevant. Josh has now the freedom he wanted, being able to drive his car and go places without hassle.

He is very grateful to Carol and recognises the important part she played in his test process.We both highly recommend Carol as an Instructor and thank her for being prepared to take on a pupil outside the normal process.

Josh Passed in April


I can’t thank Carol enough for all the help she gave me

Gemma passed in April From Matson


Thanks to Carol I have gained the skills and confidence I needed to learn how to drive. She is very patient and understanding and she prepared me well for my test. I always looked forward to my lessons with her! I’m now ready to head out on my own and I couldn’t be happier!  I couldn’t of done it without you Carol! Thankyou so much Xxx

Erika passed April From longlevens


I passed with Carol 1st time

Pratik passed in April From Innsworth


Thank you Carol for building my confidence up to drive as I was so nervous at the start.
Passed second time so happy!
Carol is friendly, kind and understanding. Thank you once again, couldn’t of done it without you! xx

Siobhan Passed March


I passed 1st attempt with Carol

Harrison passed in March From Cheltenham


Thank you so much for all your help- I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you! Without your lessons I don’t think I’d have enjoyed the process of learning anywhere near as much and you especially helped me to improve my manoeuvres! xx

Emily from Bishop Cleeve Passed February


I cannot thank Carol enough for giving me the skills and self confidence to learn to drive. Her patience, humour and laid back approach to teaching helped me to overcome my nervousness about driving and pass my test first time! I now feel confident and prepared to hit the roads on my own, which is something I never thought I would achieve. Thank you so much Carol xxx

Danni from Abbeydale Passed February


“I am so grateful to Carol after I passed first time. I can only attribute that to being thoroughly prepared for the test and sure of her confidence in me. She’s been a great instructor and I would definitely recommend to any driver, new or with experience.” Xx

Izzy from Glos Passed in January


I passed with Carol’s school of motoring

Emma from Gloucester Passed in January


I would highly recommend Carol’s school of motoring. Carol is an excellent instructor; she is kind, patient and prepares you well for the driving test. She is funny and makes you feel at ease during the lessons. It’s been a pleasure learning to drive with Carol and I’ve made a friend in the process. Thanks Carol, I will miss our weekly catch ups and laughs! Xx

Cecilia from Glos Passed January


Thanks Carol for getting me through my driving test, if I look back to this time last year, I would never had seen this as a possibility. I’d tried learning to drive on and off for 5 years, finding any excuse to not carry on with my lessons, but Carol was different.

Carol is a kind, caring and patient instructor, moving at your pace to ensure you always feel comfortable. She offers great flexibility when booking lessons to fit around work schedules. Once you’ve had a couple of lessons, she’ll start to feel like a friend rather than an instructor, making the experience of leaning to drive a pleasant one. Carol’s automatic car is a lovely car to drive, smooth and easy to manoeuvre. If you’re a nervous driver or looking for automatic lessons, this is a great car to learn in, with a great instructor y your side.

Alex from coopers edge Passed in December


Learning to drive with Carol was a really enjoyable experience,
especially considering that I had previously been involved in an
accident as a passenger. She helped me to build my confidence on the
road, culminating in me passing my driving test first time.

Kat passed Dec From Quedgeley


Carol is a fantastic driving instructor. She’s so patient and has the skills to find the style of learning which suits you. I had some trouble finding the right instructor in the past, but have now become a great driver!
If you’re looking for an instructor who will teach you to drive, spend the time and effort to get to know you and how you learn, and who will be just an all round lovely person, Carol’s your woman!

Sally from Cheltenham Passed November